Top 7 Crazy Covid-19 Panic Purchases


Presently that everybody’s sort of used to the entire lockdown circumstance, we can see that it isn’t so awful on the off chance that you have the cash. Unfortunately, not every person is adequately fortunate to keep telecommuting, while the sickness spreads all through the globe. Yet, in any case, when the COVID-19 had quite recently hit Europe, Australia, and the US, individuals went crazy and attacked their nearby general stores looking for … indeed, that is the thing that we will discover very soon!

Here are seven insane COVID alarm buys!

1. Hand sanitizer

Before we were told every second to wash our hands, some of us rarely even used sanitizer. But once we found out that a virus is infecting poor clueless citizens, we started buying it in bulk!



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Written by Zain Liaquat


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